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                ShanXi Pingyao Ancient Town Tourism, hotel accommodation, dining

                Wen Yuan Kui Hotel

                a unique local flavored four-star one with the Ming and Qing Dynasty architectural style, is located at 88 Chenghuangmiao Street, to the west of the glorious Nan Dajie, the west of the Confucius Temple, the north of the Ancient City Wall and the south of the City Tower with unique sight inside the World Cultural Heritage Site, Pingyao Ancient City.

                The 3-courtyard hotel is made up of the dining hall on the street and the accommodation department at the back on the north –south axis.


                Welcome to WenYuanKui Hotel

                Book hotel by telephone: 86-354-5687999

                Pingyao hotel

                Room Service
                he guest room owns each kind of 44 of guest room of Suite Room, soil kang, Room etc. of Standard,88 beds, provide to be like an environment of similar sweet, comfort, safety for you.Building inside have the distance to control the equipmentses, such as telephone, air condition and television networks...etc..


                pingyao dining

                Dining Service
                WenYuanKui HOTEL provides you with genuine and clean snacks of Pingyao and the prices are reasonable such as Pingyao Pork, Long potato, Wantuze, Kaolaolao and other 108 kinds of typical snacks and we also supply the western style food and some popular dishes.


                Contact Us